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We will make sure you understand the timing, risks, benefits, recovery, and expected outcomes for your procedure.

- Bekir Atik, MD



We take every step to assure your safety: Our hospital is rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality; and the patients have post-op control with the doctor himself. Also, our patient advisers follow up patients’ situations and health, regularly.

Turkey Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery Turkey

Dr. Atik’s prestige will leave you in good hands

In 2013, Dr. Atik established the Medeniyet University Micro Surgery training and research laboratory. He gave microsurgery training to over 100 local and foreign surgeons. He has more than 100 national and international articles.

Turkey Cosmetic Surgery

State-of-the-art facilities. Five-star Service.

With our young, dynamic and innovative team, we are renewing ourselves every day with the R&D works we do all over the world to provide the best service for you. Once you are inside, you will be treated to our innovative, world class technology and equipment.

Turkey Plastic Surgery

Welcome to IstanbulSafe Medical

Istanbul Safe Medical Health Tourism Inc. is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and has the authority certificate of international health tourism issued by the Turkish Republic of Ministry of Health.

Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. Atik performs the full gamut of treatments geared to correct abnormalities, achieve symmetry and create a more pleasing and inviting body anatomy. From rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction and breast lift, to breast implants, gynecomastia and labiaplasty, Dr. Atik can help you to accomplish aesthetic goals that you may have previously felt were unachievable. Modern, minimally invasive techniques used enable Dr. Atik to achieve exquisite, refined results.

Turkey Plastic Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric or weight loss surgery that aims for dramatic weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery is a safe and effective surgical weight loss method that allows people with obesity problems to lose weight which is done under general anesthesia

Plastic surgery Turkey

Mr. Atik and his work was beyond my expectations and I am totally satisfied. I definitely recommend him to everybody without any second thoughts. First of all he is very sincere and kind, I witnessed his success when I had the surgery. If I ever had another surgery, Mr. Atik would be my choice

Review - Rhinoplasty

Dental Treatment

We are committed to providing you with comfortable, quality dental care in a modern environment and a convenient location in Turkey. Our experienced team is passionate about what they do, and focused on going above and beyond for your dental care needs and esthetics demand.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is an affordable surgical procedure that takes hair from one part of the body and moves it to another. In the past, results looked unnatural and recovery was painful. Now, using the latest technologies and techniques, beautiful and affordable hair restoration in Turkey is possible.

ISTANBUL Safe Medical

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Turkey Plastic Surgery

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update E-Mail To Us

What We're Doing About COVID-19

At Istanbul Safe Medical, your health, safety and happiness are our top priorities. We have been monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very carefully. Our patients are taken from the airport to the hospital for a PCR test before the procedure. They are transfered in a VIP vehicle and have distance with the driver. During consultations doctors and nurses are sterilized and wear masks all through the process.

We have taken a series of precautionary steps to ensure your safety:

  1. At the hospital all the measures repeat regularly: such as washing hands, disinfect surfaces, disinfect hands, wear masks.
  2. All Medical Workers are vaccinated as well.
  3. Each room has only one patient.
  4. Each patient has disposable slippers and hospital-dress that can be used at the hospital room.
  5. Operation rooms are sterilized before and after each surgery.
  6. During stay at hotel, hotel rooms are sterilized regularly.
  7. Transfers are done by the same driver who wears a mask all through the process, to minimize the risk.

The patients should be treated in A+ group hospitals with all technical equipment. All the hospitals we work with have health tourism authorization certificate and tecnology to make the patients feel safe for their treatment and make them feel comfortable during their stay

We work with doctors and surgeons who are educated and highly experienced in their own fields.

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