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What are the risks of ileal interposition surgery?

There is no additional risk in the surgery, compared to other metabolic surgeries. Risks vary according to some factors pertaining of the patient (smoking, additional disease, weight, sedentary lifestyle). But nowadays, the risks have been reduced to a minimum. 

What are the advantages of ileal interposition surgery?

The surgery can be safely performed on patients who have type 2 diabetes but are not obese. Thanks to this surgery, patients can get rid of many problems with a small difference in their digestive system. Also, the problems that may arise after the surgery can be easily solved with supplements.

What is the difference between ileal interposition and other surgeries?

During the surgery, a part of the final part of the small intestine, called ileum, is cut exchanged it location with the initial part of the small intestine. Normally, the duodenum, which is a large part of intestinal initiation and chemical digestion, is bypassed. 

Who is a good candidate for ileal interposition surgery?

Since it is a metabolic surgery technique, it can be applied not only to those with a high body mass index but also to patients who are have type 2 diabetes but not obese, if there is no surgical risk. 

What are the after effects of ileal interposition surgery?

Ileum, which is the final part of the small intestine, is the first part of the small intestine that encounters with the nutrient. In this case, nutrients reach the ileum quickly, and this encountering leads GLP-1, the hormone that plays a role in regulating insulin secretion, to be secreted. Insulin resistance in the liver and surrounding tissues decreases.

Food restriction due to the removal of a part of the stomach leads weight loss. Ghrelin (secreted from the stomach), a hormone that increases appetite, is secreted less as a result of smaller size of the stomach , and the appetite decreases.

As a result, the complications related to diabetes are under control.

What are the conditions that prevent ileal interposition surgery?

There is no specific reason preventing the surgery. Patients, who do not have any complications related to type 2 diabetes even though they have type 2 diabetes, also patient whose diabetes can not be controlled by diet, sports and medicine can undergo the surgery, if they do not have complications regarding anesthesia. 

Does diabetes recur after ileal interposition surgery?

Although the success rate of the surgery to treat the diabetes is very high, there is a minimal risk of recurrence of the disease. 

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