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Gum Disease

When the gums lose their health they are swollen, red, bleeding and moving. If the treatment is delayed, the tooth stones accumulate causing the bone surrounding the tooth to erase. The gums start to pull out. This condition is both sensitive to heat changes and causes aesthetic problems as well as oral odor and even dental inflammation in very advanced conditions. If they go further, tooth loss starts. 

Periodontology Treatment

There is a gap between the tooth and the gum called pocket which we can not see with eyes. It should be treated when it reaches a certain depth. In the first phase of gingivitis, a vibrating device called cavitron will suffice for a professional dental cleaning and good oral care treatment. 

However, if the treatment is delayed, the bone around the tooth also goes into the phase of periodontitis, which begins to be affected. In this phase, a deeper cleaning is first performed with special hand tools under local anesthesia called curettage. 

In the cases of advanced periodontitis, gingiva, which is called flap operation under local anesthesia, is gently opened and cleaned and closed with suture.

Although some people do not have inflammation, the position of the muscles, brushing the wrong tooth may cause gum removal. If necessary, treatment with various periodontal surgical techniques can be performed.   

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What We're Doing About COVID-19

At Istanbul Safe Medical, your health, safety and happiness are our top priorities. We have been monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very carefully. Our patients are taken from the airport to the hospital for a PCR test before the procedure. They are transfered in a VIP vehicle and have distance with the driver. During consultations doctors and nurses are sterilized and wear masks all through the process.

We have taken a series of precautionary steps to ensure your safety:

  1. At the hospital all the measures repeat regularly: such as washing hands, disinfect surfaces, disinfect hands, wear masks.
  2. All Medical Workers are vaccinated as well.
  3. Each room has only one patient.
  4. Each patient has disposable slippers and hospital-dress that can be used at the hospital room.
  5. Operation rooms are sterilized before and after each surgery.
  6. During stay at hotel, hotel rooms are sterilized regularly.
  7. Transfers are done by the same driver who wears a mask all through the process, to minimize the risk.

The patients should be treated in A+ group hospitals with all technical equipment. All the hospitals we work with have health tourism authorization certificate and tecnology to make the patients feel safe for their treatment and make them feel comfortable during their stay

We work with doctors and surgeons who are educated and highly experienced in their own fields.

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